Diploma of Social Work
The Blue Quills Social Work Diploma program is designed to prepare students for generalist social work practice, committed to addressing issues of social justice and oppression, and founded on Indigenous knowledge and practice. Students examine both Indigenous and Western paradigms, explore the environments that have shaped their own development, and identify helping and healing practices that flow from both world views.
Indigenous Bachelor of Social Work
The four-year program can be achieved through two routes, a Diploma of Social Work or a university transfer route, although only the Diploma of Social Work has been accepted for entry into the first offering of the IBSW degree and the work is in progress towards university transfer entry in the future which require transfer agreements among Indigenous Institutes.
Indigenous Master of Social Work
The objectives of the two-year IMSW program are interrelated and when woven together will support the attainment of the four central project goals; learning through land, language, ceremony and relationships.