Roles and Responsibilities

Student Roles and Responsibilities for All Programs

CONGRATULATIONS FOR CHOOSING University nuhelot’įne thaiyots’į nistameyimâkanak Blue Quills!
Education is a life long journey that does not stop when you graduate grade twelve. Most of the real learning comes from your lived experiences and choosing to return to post-secondary education is perhaps one of the most life-changing decisions you will ever make. Now that you made your decision, you need to make more choices to support your success. Ask yourself: what are you willing to do to achieve your goals?

“Successful people are willing to do things that unsuccessful people are not willing to do.” Lee Labrada

The following policies and guidelines are meant to help you attain your goals. Please read them carefully and consider how they can help you to focus on the steps needed to give your education at Blue Quills the best possible chance of success:

  • Attendance Policy
    Perhaps the single most important factor in your success at Blue Quills is your attendance. Students who regularly attend classes are able to keep up with course material, have greater access to the instructors for individual help, and find that they learn more effectively by participating in classroom activities with their fellow students. All of these benefits contribute to a student‘s academic progress and overall enjoyment of the program. Once you have begun your academic upgrading, you will realize that Blue Quills provides not only an excellent learning environment, but also a great place to socialize and make new friends. The key for you, as a student, is to take advantage of these opportunities by coming to class every day and making your education both rewarding and fun.
    As a student, you are being asked to do the following:

    • Make a commitment to attend all classes.
    • Inform your Program Coordinator and/or Registrar whenever you are unable to attend.
    • Make arrangements with your instructors regarding any missed assignments or exams.

It is your responsibility as a student to make daily attendance in class a priority and, thereby, give yourself the best chance to succeed in your courses and reach your educational goals.

  • General Guidelines for Student Absences
    If you must be absent for any reason, please notify your Instructor/Program Lead and/or the Registrar beforehand or on the same day as your absence. It is also important to contact your instructors as soon as possible so that they can help you to keep up with the assigned course work. Make arrangements with fellow students to deliver assignments to and from your instructors or inform you of any course work missed (class notes, handouts, etc.).
    If you have to be absent because of you or your child‘s illness, request a doctor‘s note that can be given to your Program Coordinator and/or the Registrar. Schedule all medical appointments so that you do not miss any classes.
    If the absence is due to the death of a relative, notify your Instructor/Program Lead and/or the Registrar as soon as possible. While the administration is very sympathetic towards your situation, we also hope that you will not have to miss any more class time than is absolutely necessary. If the absence is related to child care responsibilities, notify your Instructor/Program Lead and/or the Registrar beforehand or on the same day as your absence. Make all necessary arrangements so that your child care duties do not interfere with your studies. We appreciate how difficult it is to be a student and a parent at the same time, but remember you and your entire family will benefit from your personal transformation from your decision to returning to school.
  • Class Start Times
    It is recommended that students arrive at the school at least 10 minutes prior to the beginning of classes. This gives you time to organize your books, consult with instructors, or review any notes or materials. Your whole day will go much better if you feel relaxed and ready to learn before classes actually begin.
    Lateness should be avoided. In any program each minute of class time is valuable, and you will find that missing any part of a class period will hurt your chance of success. Be sure the night before each school day that you will have transportation to the school, that your child care is looked after, and that any other matters will be looked after so that you can arrive to class on time. If there is a period of bad weather or road conditions, adjust your schedule so that you can leave earlier in the morning and still arrive on time for your class. Be prepared, and prevent excuses for not succeeding.
  • Attendance & Contracts
    If you are having attendance problems (frequent absences or lateness) your Program Lead or Student Support Service Coordinator will call you in for a review of your attendance record. If necessary, you will be placed on probation or you will be asked to sign a contract in which you agree to certain conditions, including careful monitoring of your attendance and academic progress. UnBQ will provide monthly student attendance reports to Sponsorship Agencies upon request.
  • Withdrawals
    University nuhelot’įne thaiyots’į nistameyimâkanak Blue Quills reserves the right to request a student to withdraw from their program of study. The following guidelines apply:

    • If a student is consistently absent and/or not completing assignments the student may be required to withdraw from the program.
    • If a student has other problems that consistently interfere with studies such as problems with child care services, sickness, lack of transportation, or personal problems the student may, in consultation with the Program Lead, decide to temporarily withdraw from the program.
    • If a student participates in any improper/illegal behavior, he or she may be immediately suspended from the program and/or asked to withdraw.
  • Exams and Assignments
    As a student, you are responsible for completing all exams and assignments in each of your courses. Make sure that you know each instructor‘s policies on missed exams and assignments, and refer to your course outlines for important dates and deadlines. Your final grades are largely based on how well you do on exams and assignments, and your role as a student is to apply your learning and demonstrate that you have mastered the course content or acquired the necessary skills. Take ownership of your education by actively reaching out to learn as much as you possibly can. Ask questions in class, make appointments with your instructors for tutorial sessions, do your own research in the Library, or form study groups with your classmates.
  • Sponsorship
    The Student Services staff or Program Lead will be available to discuss and offer possible assistance or available resources for a student enrolled in any program at University nuhelot’įne thaiyots’į nistameyimâkanak Blue Quills. When a student is in a position that two sources of income must be applied for, it is the student‘s responsibility to report accurate and up-to-date information to the sponsoring agencies.