kicitwaw mitêh Newsletters

The following  index is for the monthly newsletter called kicitwa mitêh (ᑭᒋᑢᐤ ᒥᑌᐦ) published between 1906 to 1978. The newsletters contain local and international news, significant events, stories, legends, jokes, and so much more. Printed primarily in nêhiyawêwin syllabics, the newsletters were edited and written by the Oblate missionary’s beginning with Fr. Léon Balter in April 1906. These newsletters are housed at the Provincial Archives in Edmonton, Alberta (1906-1961), in addition hard copies of these newsletters can be found in the resource department at UnBQ. UnBQ also has a incomplete collection of original copies from 1965-1978, donated by the Lac La Biche  Mission Museum. Several high quality digitized copies of selected issues can also be found online in the archives of McGill University. If you wish to access the resourcs housed at UnBQ please contact Tina Wellman at 780-645-4455 ext. 135 Toll Free: 888-645-4455 for more information.