Academic Regulations

Academic Regulations For All Programs

1. Registration
Students are responsible for the completion of their registration. They should plan their individual timetables in such a way as to avoid conflict and course overlap.

  • Grade Point Average (GPA 4-Point Standing)

At the end of each term (session) of a UnBQ program, a student’s academic standing will be reviewed.

The following guidelines will be used to determine a student’s standing:
GPA of 4 Honors Standing
GPA of 3 Above Average *(NOTE: This grade is generally recommended for transferability to Athabasca University)

Grade Conversion Scale

Letter Grade Percentage GPA
A+ 90%-100% 4.0
A   85-89% 3.7
A- 80-84% 3.6
B+ 76-79% 3.3
B   73-75% 3.0
B- 70-72% 2.7
C+ 67-69% 2.3
C   64-66% 2.0
C- 60-63% 1.7
D+ 55-59% 1.5
D 50-54% 1.3
F under 50% 0.0

What GPA Means to Students
It is very important that you take responsibility for keeping track of how you are doing in a course and understand that your grade point average (GPA) is cumulative and takes into account all course marks, even if you fail and receive no credit (0).

GPA Example:
If you are taking 4 courses and receive the following marks:
English 73
Math 70
Sociology 65
Psychology (Withdrawn) W
Marks Average would be 69.3 or GPA of 2.3.

If you are taking 4 courses and receive the following marks:
English 73
Math 70
Sociology 65
Psychology (No Credit) 0
Marks average would be 52 or GPA of 1.3.

(NOTE: This information is quoted from the 2015 Student Orientation Handbook)

2. Attendance
Attendance is compulsory in all programs. If a sponsor requests, they can receive regularly updated student attendance reports. On the basis of this information, sponsors may decide to terminate a student’s sponsorship.
If a student exceeds 3 days of absence per month without a legitimate reason (i.e. Medical), he/she is referred to the Student Services staff who sets the conditions for the student to continue in the program. If the attendance does not improve, a warning letter is issued by the Student Services staff or the Program Coordinator (a copy is sent to the sponsor) placing the student on a month-to-month (or as specified) probation. If there is no discernible improvement, a letter of termination is issued by the Program Coordinator.

3. Withdrawal
It is recommended that students who miss 3 consecutive weeks of classes from Post Secondary Programs will be required to withdraw from their program of study, unless prior arrangements have been made with Student Services staff or Program Coordinator. A formal withdrawal from your courses is required to avoid a Fail “F” mark and will result in lowering your Grade Point Average (GPA). Please see Registrar’s Department to complete official withdrawal forms.

4. Performance
Students are expected to maintain satisfactory progress in their course work. Lack of academic progress in one or more courses, as determined by the instructor, may lead to withdrawal from the program. Students who have been officially terminated, withdrawn for academic/attendance reasons will be required to sit out from all programs at University nuhelot’įne thaiyots’į nistameyimâkanak Blue Quills for one academic year.

5. Exam Policy
Students must write all exams on the scheduled date. A student who misses an exam, quiz, mid-term or final due to illness is responsible for following through by applying for a re-write. Re-write fees are payable by the student.
* Please contact the Registrar’s Department for complete fee guidelines as fees vary amongst other Educational Institutions. (eg, AU and U of A).)
UnBQ Board Motion reads as follows:

“All students must pay a $60.00 fee for all exams, if exams are not written on the scheduled date; furthermore, students will be required to pay the fee prior to writing exams or fees will be collected from their monthly allowances by signing waiver forms.”

6. Appeal Process – Student Complaint & Grievance Procedures
All appeals and grievances by students must follow the Student Appeal Process Guidelines. Students may use Option (A) or Option (B) or combination of both as described below. The grievance procedures are outlined as follows:

Option A
The Circle
If you Listen with Respect … Understanding, Trust, Learning,… A New Truth, Growing, Resolving, Adapting Will Result. Chadwick & Associates

At Blue Quills we offer students and staff the opportunity to address concerns through our traditional protocols of the circle of consensus. At any stage in the appeals process, if individuals do not feel that they have reached a resolution satisfying to both parties, they may agree to ask that a circle be convened. The staff responsible at each stage of the appeals process may also choose to convene the hearing as a consensus circle.

In this circle everyone will be heard, participants will have the opportunity to share their feelings, their understanding of the situation, and their needs. Everyone’s voice will be heard. The circle will focus on honouring the participants and the Natural Law of Love, Honesty, Sharing and Determination. The intent is to address the situation and look for opportunities for human growth and learning. Blue Quills will facilitate the process of resolution rather than offer or impose solutions. Our system and structure are dependent on everyone committing to finding a better way.

Option B
All student complaints and grievances will be given prompt and fair consideration. The Complaint and Grievance Procedures as herein outlined are available to all students as a matter of right, and the pursuit of a grievance shall not be subject to prejudicial treatment.

Step 1: Discussions with the Instructor/Program Coordinator
The student must first discuss the complaint or grievance with the respective Instructor/Program Coordinator and every effort should be made to resolve the matter at this level. If the student does not receive satisfaction he/she can proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Hearing with a member of the Management Team
If not satisfied through Step 1, the student must submit, in writing, their complaint or grievance to a member of the Management Team of University nuhelot’įne thaiyots’į nistameyimâkanak Blue Quills or designate within ten (10) working days from the discussion with the Instructor/Program Coordinator. The member of the Management Team will provide a written response to the student within ten (10) working days and may request a personal interview with the parties involved. The decision of the member of the Management Team is final.

Unresolved grievances may be presented to the Board of Governors by the member of the Management Team for information purposes. Student complaints or grievances that do not involve an instructor can omit Step 1. All parties, whether internal or external to University nuhelot’įne thaiyots’į nistameyimâkanak Blue Quills, will advise students who have a complaint or grievance to follow the procedure set out above.

7. Student Misconduct and Discipline
University nuhelot’įne thaiyots’į nistameyimâkanak Blue Quills reserves the right to take such actions as it deems necessary in cases of unacceptable behaviour within a reasonable time. Disciplinary action may be taken for both academic and non-academic misconduct. Below are some explanatory comments about specific grounds for discipline and penalties involved. *(Ask UnBQ staff for more information on the Academic Misconduct chart that shows a list of possible offences and minimum and maximum consequences for each).